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I’ve been where you are. You’ve tried the gym scene, group fitness classes, have a collection of workout DVD’s collecting dust on your TV stand, possibly hired a personal trainer, and maybe even became audacious and created a health & fitness goal at one point in your adult life.  Surprisingly, none of it worked so you’ve decided to give up and chalk it up to “fitness just isn’t my thing” and carry on as usual. You’ve resigned to the idea that you hate working out and use it as an excuse any time fitness is brought up in your circle of friends. BUT deep down you keep wondering, what’s their secret? You wonder “How are my friends so motivated? What is it that they know and are doing that is helping them stick to working out week after week?”


I was that person above! I didn’t have any interest in working out for a good chunk of my adult life because I could never figure out how to make it stick. However, I am here to share with you how that all CHANGED for me. Join me in my 5 day challenge where I will share with you EXACTLY what worked for me and helped me to no longer hate working out and how it can work for you too!

What’s Involved…

  • FUN! Did I say FUN? Short FUN workouts to sample on your own in the comfort of your home. So no smelly gym or pretending to know how the equipment works.
  • SIMPLE fitness habits that will keep you from throwing in the fitness towel.
  • Shhhh… It’s a Secret! I’ll let you in on MY SECRET on how I became one of the fitness faithful.
  • Fitness tips that is sure to stop you from drinking that Haterade!
  • Did I hear FREE SWAG? YUP! Jump in and get a chance to win a prize just for participating!


And to quote one of the most EPIC movies of all time, Back to The Future Part III:

Doc Brown: "Of course we run but for recreation and fun."
Drunk Cowboy: "Run for FUN, what the HELL kind of FUN is that!" {insert obnoxious laughter here}


I can’t wait to take you from Drunk Cowboy to Doc Brown! The challenge starts on Monday, June 19th. See you in the group!!!

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